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December 19, 2004 - 5:24 P.M.

silly hat-dude magnet?

there are part time jobs and full time jobs, then there are those like mine: available 24/7. it's getting better but for a few months i didn't dare turn any work down.

one of the many advantages of being a pet sitter is the walking! yes, i pause while spot does his thang then scoop it up in a double-bagged fist and march on. being on foot allows me to see so much that i would miss were i flying by, foot smashed to gas peddle.

I find all kinds of cool shit - not only plants and stones and things of nature but the treasure trove of stuff people kick to the curb. I've made table tops of leftover marble and slate, salvaged antique hardware from broken tables, picked up hand-crafted baskets, etc.

one box held a home-grown stocking cap, black with a golden-yellow band and pointy as hell! real halloween prankster style. i love it because its ridiculous and my friends wouldn't be caught dead in it. perhaps i project an aura of not-giving-a-fuck when i'm sporting it, point straight to jesus, 'cause i get approached by guys who feel compelled to comment.


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